Alt-F4 Killer


Started as a pet project to prevent me from accidentally exiting out of Warcraft every time I used the Alt modifier with my F4 hotkey (Alt+F4 is the windows shortcut to close the active application).  First I just blocked that key combination outright, but soon realized it would be even more helpful to remap it to a different key (F12 was the one I chose), so I can just change my keybind in Warcraft to match, and press Alt+F4 all I want and it just works.

Luckily Warcraft allows two keybinds to be assigned for each action, so I can bind the first one that shows up in the UI to the actual key, and then change the second keybind to the remapped key so it actually works.

Next I turned my attention to the Windows/Start Menu key which I was sometimes accidentally pressing when overshooting my Z hotkey, so I just remapped that to Z.

Finally I shifted focus to the Caps Lock key which I would often press accidentally and start yelling unnecessarily in chat.  I remapped that to the H key so I got rid of the annoyance and gained a new easy to reach WASD adjacent hotkey!  I chose H because it wasn't doing anything else and was outside the reach of my left hand (split keyboard).


I recommend just extracting AltF4Killer.exe to the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder so that it runs automatically each time you start your computer.  But it is just the one file and can be run from anywhere manually.

Running Alt-F4 Killer for the first time will bring up the setup dialog to specify which keys to remap and where to remap them to.  By default: F4 is remapped to F12, Caps Lock is remapped to H, and the Windows/Start Menu key is remapped to Z.  Any changes are stored in the registry to be remembered the next time the program is launched.  Closing the dialog minimizes it to the system tray.  Double right clicking on the system tray icon will reopen the settings menu.

Right clicking on the system tray icon will bring up a context menu to open the settings dialog, enable/disable the remapping, or close the program entirely.  Temporarily disabling the remapping is helpful when setting up the first keybind in Warcraft to the original key and the second to the remapped key.

Screen Ruler


Utility I originally made to aid in the spacing/alignment of UI elements.  In addition to being a ruler to make screen measurements in pixels, it's also a magnifier (up to 16x), and a color grabber (RGB or HEX).

There are hatch marks to measure both directly in screen pixels as well a a separate set for measuring in zoomed pixels.  The ruler can be toggled between a horizontal and vertical orientation.  An always on top option allows other applications to be interacted with while using the magnifier.


I've always just stuck the single executable directly in a toolbar on the taskbar for quick/easy access, but you can extract the program anywhere and run it, pin it to the start menu or whatever is handy.

The Screen Ruler window can be moved around by clicking/dragging any where on the window, and resized by clicking/dragging the handle in the lower right corner.  The cursor keys can also be used to move the window by single pixels.  A right click context menu presents all the other option and their associated hotkeys.  Size, position and any other settings are preserved between sessions in the registry.